Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chantel McNulty: “The Mouth” Of Poker Girls

Chantel McNulty is without doubt the hottest poker player arriving on the poker world and in online casino poker site in 2006. Although Chantel’s biggest win is just over $5,000. She might not be able to compete with the top poker players, so can compete with the sexiest women in the world. Chantel McNulty cashed twice in the 2006 WSOP finishing 23rd in the $2,00 Pot Limit Holdem Tournament and finishing 56th in the Ladies No Limit Holdem Tournament.

Chantel McNulty is known for have “the mouth” like Mike Matusow and a face like Carmen Electra. Chantel is usually always the loudest player at the table she sits down at the poker table. Her biggest controversy came up when it was reported that, Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf left his long term girlfriend to hook up with Chantel. However, the relationship was short lived, but the publicity also gave Chantel the opportunity to entry some bigger tournament, due to have secured some backers.

In the interview of Babes In with Chantel Mcnulty about her poker career and acchievements:

BIP: How did you get your start in poker, and when did you decide to turn professional?

Chantel Macnulty: I use to go to Underground run poker games in Dallas and sit behind some of the best poker players in the world and watch them play. This really got me interested and I started playing cards myself and I started making money. I never really decided to turn pro, but if I had to say a date it would be about 2 years ago. I started playing 2/5 NL at the Bellagio under a fake ID, which I bought from one of my friends sister for $300 bucks. For the time being I was known as Ashley and the first time I cashed in a tournament they announced my name and everyone was like they got your name wrong Chantel. It was pretty funny how it all turned out.

Last year I decided to switch over and learn limit poker. I had a really hard time because I wanted to play every hand. I owe a lot of my success to Dustin Woolf and Devin Miller for really helping me out with my limit game. When I'm playing poker I'm very mouthy. I'm like Gavin Smith, Matusow and Tony G combined. I get a long with other players really good or they don't like me at all.

BIP: What kind of games are you mostly playing now?

Chantel Macnulty: Right now I'm playing mostly $100/$200 and $200/$400 short handed online. I'm playing lower limits because I'm really trying to limit the swings and using proper bankroll management. I've been a lot happier and playing a lot better since from just improving my bankroll management.

I have also been getting into the mix games. I've really been enjoying the Triple Draw and Pot Limit Omaha games, but I really can't get into the Hi Lo games yet. I know that learning new games really helps my play in other games.

BIP: You are very popular in the online poker community, is this translating over in your daily life?

Chantel Macnulty: Yeah, at first it was really bothering me, and I just didn't understand how this stuff got around. I got really upset, but now I take these things as compliments. Like, if someone really takes time from their day to write about me, I should be flattered right? My friends send me certain links of where I'm being talked about, but I just don't care anymore, these guys are just a bunch of nerds that have nothing better to do with their time.

I understand why guys gossip about girls that play poker. It's a mans world and a lot of times girls bring it on themselves. I knew it would happen to me eventually, just didn't think it would blow up so big. People have been saying I'm a gold digger, if I was going to be a gold digger, I would go date a guy with a lot of money. I wouldn't be wasting my time with guys in their 20s if I was a gold digger.

BIP: You've mentioned before that you prefer cash games over tournaments, will you be taking apart of this years WSOP? What events will have your interest?

Chantel Macnulty: Yeah, I will probably play them. But I always find myself bored after the first hour. I just never go in with the proper mind set and mentality. I try to just stick to the big tournaments, that way I feel there is more on the line and can focus better. I've been only playing about 1 tournament every month or 2.