Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Erica Schoenberg: Hottest Blackjack Babe

With betting in her blood, Erica Schoenberg grew up gambling as a natural pastime. In their free time, the family would play cards or place bets on nearly everything. Erica Schoenberg is certainly an aspirant to be the hottest poker player to take the poker world by storm.

Erica Schoenberg has even turned up a great dexterity in the gambling world,with her two professions, and she once called as the “Poker Babe or Blackjack Babe”.As a child Schoenberg would wager with her family members for pocket money and as a teenager she found out that she had a natural fondness for numbers.

Because television had not broken through a wider audience by then, there was nothing for Erica Schoenberg but to tag-along with her dad at racetracks. Even with her background in card playing and innate math skills, Schoenberg chose to go to college to study theater arts.

Of course, she got to play card games on the side, continuing to refine her skills. After college, she took on different jobs. She was a model, kickboxing instructor, personal trainer, and even pro beach-volleyball player.

Erica Schoenberg is a professional blackjack and poker player. A former model, personal trainer, and professional volleyball player. Schoenberg received professional blackjack training from a member of the MIT Blackjack Team.

She has gone on to participate in the World Series of Blackjack. Whenever she is at home, she plays at online casino under the sobriquet “Str8tflushin”.

As her favourable outcome shoot up, Schoenberg started altering into Texas Hold'em, and just as quickly as she made a name for herself in blackjack, Schoenberg made an immensely splash in poker.

As a professional poker player and a 16th place in the World Poker Tour $25,000 Championship - No Limit Texas Hold'em and 3rd place in the 2007 World Series of Poker $1,500 No Limit Hold 'em.

She also appeared in the Season 4 WPT Ladies Night Event along with Jennifer Tilly and other hottest poker players.

Her abilities and infamy grew quickly, and in 2005 Schoenberg was one of the top 40 blackjack players invited to play in the World Series of Blackjack on the Game Show Network and she made a 2nd place in her episode. It was clear that her training had been well worth the effort.

Schoenberg is engaged to french poker super star David Benyamine. Both are members of the professional group of poker players affiliated with Full Tilt Poker, known as "Team Full Tilt."

Erica Schoenberg has take advantage of her looks and participated in the Carmen Electra Strip Poker DVD. The DVD is generally about the strip but it has been reported to have some good game strategies.

Her looks in the Carmen Electra Strip Poker DVD has bewildered lots of her opponents but this is not the only reason that she is doing so well. She is a skilled player and as she continues to participate in world wide poker and blackjack events she most likely will add to her collected total winnings of more than $500,000.