Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shana Hiatt: Poker After Dark Hostess

Shana Hiatt's looks have been the skyrocketed her career, and there's more sexiness about her that makes her captivating. Her poker career started in 2005, Shana started as the World Poker Tour host. She was more than titillated to get the job in order to learn more about the game. As a poker hostess, she was surmised to travel around the world to give a tour of casinos to viewers and conduct interviews of world-famous poker players.

Her intimacy with poker has made it possible for her to show compassion for the game, but she does not play poker. She simply enjoys traveling to innumerable places like Paris, Aruba, Costa Rica, and even inthe United States.

Shana Hiatt is now the official spokesperson for, the world's largest online poker room. At the Beverly Hills Club, the Grand Havana Room, Shana is the sexy poker hostess in a high-stakes celebrity poker match, which is a weekly affair.

Shana Hiatt also hosted Poker After Dark, as well as National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Both of these shows were popular shows that were on NBC.

Back when Shana Hiatt was 8 years old, she was fascinated by the television world as she spent a lot of time in front of TV. During high school she was a cheerleader and a champion in lacrosse and field hockey. She also attended the New Jersey's Burlington County College and at the age of 18 she started a modeling career.

After high school, Shana Hiatt started modeling on Italian, French and Spanish runways. After she returned to the U.S., she took part in a beauty pageant and was crowned as Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA. After being crowned, she was on the front page of Playboy in the April edition and was on the cover of the video of photo shoot “The Girls of Hawaiian Tropic, Naked in Paradise”.

Shana Hiatt skipped on the entertainment scene, she appeared in Keystone Light girl and time as a guest host on Wild On! on the E! Network.

She also had an appearance on Aaron Spelling's drama Titans as a dancer in a seedy gentlemen's club, she could briefly be seen in The Flunky, Rodney Dangerfield's The Fourth Tenor, Cupids , and Bill the Intern.

Shana Hiatt grew up around New Jersey, near Philadelphia. She spent her childhood travelling around as an "Army brat" with her parents and a younger brother. It was obvious to her that she wanted to be a television news reporter and was a blessing for Shana, as she had always loved to travel.

In 2008, Hiatt left the World Poker Tour to work at other career interests. She also come apart with Van Patten and married to a movie producer Todd Garner. Shana Hiatt was replaced by Leeann Tweeden.

Shana Hiatt is frequently seen in papers and on other TV occasions, and run through most of her time with yoga activities, with her husband and her dog in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.

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