Friday, April 17, 2009

Kimberly Lansing: Poker Brunette Stunner

Sexy hot Kimberly Lansing in WPT
Grew up in Southern California in the town of Rancho Mirage, Kimberly Lansing having a look of an all American Girl is the sweet,friendly,gorgeous,fun and young beautiful online hostess of the World Poker Tour season 6. Before being a host she started as a reporter/journalist. Working as a freelance journalist notably appearing in InStyle and People magazines, this adorable brunette has also worked with magazines like US Weekly, Associated Press,Gala and you can find her on the red carpet interviewing Hollywood stars whenever she is not interviewing poker pros.

In June 2nd, 2007 her first hosting job came when she hosted the Mandalay Bay Poker Championship final table. Looking gorgeous than ever Kimberly has already hosted countless National and International Poker games.Quickly becoming one of the most talked about poker babe online this tall and stunning poker player is also consider to be one of most sexiest and pleasant personalities on TV. She learnt to play poker while playing with boyfriend Jim Davenport and she immediately fell in love with the game. Kim claims that she was an avid fan of the game at young age and just got good at it. She turned out to be a skilled poker player and for the first time she played her first multi-table event in the WPT Ladies Night event. Then later she played at the Commerce Casino WPT Invitational, after playing for nearly nine hours she proved to be a decent poker player and knows how to read the cards well. She finished 8th out of 445 participants in Commerce Casino WPT Invitational.

Kimberly Lansing looking gorgeous at poker table Kimberly Lansing smiles while chipping in on a poker game event
Kimberly Lansing having a good time on poker game Kimberly Lansing looks hot and seriously looking her cards on a poker game