Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Isabelle Mercier : The “No Mercy” Poker Babe

For most of this mortal coil, poker was distinguished as a “man's game”. In the contemporary era, it is clear that anyone, man or woman, can establishh the skills needed to play poker well.

In fact, this is much of the game's appeal. One woman who is carrying the torch for female hottest poker player in the world is a French Canadian sensation Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier.

Isabelle Mercier is a worldwide ambassador and called a “Media-genius.” Back then, Isabelle began working as a blackjack dealer at the Casino De Montreal while taking up at the University Of Montreal.

At 23, she took a job as a poker dealer at the reputable Avation Club De France, and worked her way up to become a poker room manager working underneath Bruno Fitoussi, a famous poker player.

Though these poker babe was succesful, Isabelle Mercier knew vthat she could make more money by playing poker, so she gave up her job to hunt down being a professional poker player.

Her dream was realized in 2004 when she won the World Poker Tour Ladies Tournament. Although Isabelle had previously finished 2nd in an €800 No Limit Hold'em event in Amsterdam for $53,499, the international spotlight provided by the World Poker Tour hurl her to fame.

Isabelle Mercier also likes to practice her tournament play on the site during her downtime, playing under the name "NoMercy."

While many professional players enjoy playing cash games to earn their money, Mercier prefers to play in tournaments. She enjoys the action and aggressiveness of play, which contrasts to the tone and pace of cash games, where players have to be more patient and disciplined.

Isabelle Mercier has been the commentator for the 3 editions of the WPT Championships at the Aviation Club de France, and has twice been nominated for the "European Poker Awards" in the "Casino Staff Person of the Year" category and once in the "Rookie of the Year" category.

In 2005, Isabelle Mercier came in 10th place at the European Poker Tour in Monte Carlo, beating out players such as Julian Garner, Gus Hansen, and Martin De Knijff. The winnings earned her $31,000.

Isabelle Mercier took part in the World Poker Tor Championships, she came 28th place and won over $56,000. Other poker tournament she had joined is the World Poker Tournament events.

Isabelle Mercier’s aggressive game at the Ladies Night Out event brought her to the attention of PokerStars. She was chosen to be one of a team of sponsored players that represent the site at all the various tournaments.

However, ast September 14, 2009, after her five years as a member of Team PokerStars Pro, Isabelle Mercier quits to one of the most renowned sponsorship in the poker industry to take on a new project.

Isabelle Mercier's immensely online score is a 3rd place finish in the PokerStars Sunday Million this past July for $115k.

From time to time, Isabelle Mercier is a renowned hottest poker player and an uppermost influence it world of poker with her tons of projects which bring to the fore of her creativity and dexterity for business.