Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Leonor “Leo” Margets: 2009 WSOP Last Woman Standing

Leonor “Leo” Margets
Acclaimed and praised straight out of Barcelona Leonor “Leo” Margets began her poker career when her boyfriend introduce her to the game and then started to develop her poker skills in local clubs. The first time she played in a live event held in her hometown of Barcelona she won the The University Championships.

With her victory, a well known poker online room on the web immediately approached Leo Margets to sign-in as a member of their poker pro team giving her the opportunity to play international poker tournaments.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chantel McNulty: “The Mouth” Of Poker Girls

Chantel McNulty is without doubt the hottest poker player arriving on the poker world and in online casino poker site in 2006. Although Chantel’s biggest win is just over $5,000. She might not be able to compete with the top poker players, so can compete with the sexiest women in the world. Chantel McNulty cashed twice in the 2006 WSOP finishing 23rd in the $2,00 Pot Limit Holdem Tournament and finishing 56th in the Ladies No Limit Holdem Tournament.

Chantel McNulty is known for have “the mouth” like Mike Matusow and a face like Carmen Electra. Chantel is usually always the loudest player at the table she sits down at the poker table. Her biggest controversy came up when it was reported that, Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf left his long term girlfriend to hook up with Chantel. However, the relationship was short lived, but the publicity also gave Chantel the opportunity to entry some bigger tournament, due to have secured some backers.